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Loading of samples taken before and after the preparation of the report amount to be determined.

Land before or after installation of tanks ready to be measured and reported.
The product ships in the amount of chemical discharge before the discharge detection and analysis can be done by taking samples.

Any successor to the lack of chemical cargo ship captain and record the protests needed to be signed.

At the end of the blank check for the discharge tank EMPTY TANK granting certificates.
LPG carriers in their transition from the load to the load experienced with our experienced staff;

Gas and Gas to do the cleaning and processing Porc.
All documents related to this process of preparation and control.
Measuring with the latest technology equipment, whether they be brought into the report.
Bank of documents and document preparation. Steel cargo prior to the ship hatch cover and hatch of the burden of compliance control, if necessary or if requested hatch to the ultrasonic sealing tests are done, compare the negativity about the ship’s captain to make recommendations and the negativities of removing monitoring.


If possible, before installation of stacked cargo to be loaded or stored in the field of state control of the factory, to be replaced if damaged in shipping with the new installer to inspire.
Installation during the cargo tracking and any one discrepancies identified and if possible change to provide, be changed daily discrepancies list, then edit the captain with the signed-up and final discrepancies suitable mates receipt or bill of lading in accordance with amounts remark as Deduction.
During the installation sequence of the suitability of control, competence and lashing control cargo done, just at the end of the installation photos, documents and reports with the information in the form of compensation is made.


Loading and unloading operations under the leadership of an experienced surveyor tally man a per-post scoring is done with the supervision and balance scales and at Tyche, daily tally of reports and other shipping documents are arranged in conjunction with the report.


Will be evacuated before the discharge of the cargo holds of the ship and fitness of sequence detection, extraction of the supervision and oversight, no scales have prompted the determination of damages.


Full assessment of the cargo is damaged, to investigate the cause of damage, the amount of damage detection, damage assessment of the value, if any form of manipulation of research costs, if any repair or two. hand market research.

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Safeguarding the value of your cargo is our priority. Our qualified surveyors will inspect your products at loading, discharge and along the supply chain, giving you the confidence and reassurance that every required standard is thoroughly checked.

Our inspection quality control and supply chain quality assurance ensure your products make the grade every time.

Our inspection services include:

  • Cargo inspection on quality, condition and weight
  • Contractual sampling and sealing
  • Pre-shipment inspection services
  • Cleanliness inspection
  • Exporter and importer services
  • Draft surveying, tallying and gauging services
  • Shipping, commodity and product certificates
  • Supply chain Quality Assurance and verification
  • Cargo track & trace and cargo monitoring
  • Mass Balance inspections of sustainable raw materials
  • Container management services
  • Cargo verification
  • Receipt and/or delivery of goods in barges, trains, trucks, tanks and warehouses
  • Traceability system for special products
  • IP programmes


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Ships in warehouses, on trucks or containers used in the lashing and lashing materials have control of non-compliance are identified and make recommendations for the correction is made and an appropriate lashing ‘Lashing Approval Certificate’ is given.

CARGO Shortage Investigation

Bulk, liquid cargo or package to investigate the alleged lack of reality, control of measurement devices, discharge or load cargo losses during the determination of the possible.


As a result of conflicts and impact damage caused by ships, the determination of the amount of reality to give recommendations for repairs and the cost of repairing damage removal, repair of the following.
Coastal port facilities, steel piles, fenders, electrical and water lines for damage assessment, divers determined to make, repair or replacement cost of removal, to investigate the cause of damage, repair and renovation of the track.


Boats P & I clubs, insurance companies, tenants or owners of companies claim with the P & I clubs, insurance companies or your own form using the ship condition survey is performed, deficiencies are detected, removal methods and advice are given and enough with the picture the report is made.
If you want surveys done by making the lack of loss prevention and risk analysis of the survey report is prepared.
If you want the ship’s age, condition and market value assessment is made by consideration.


Damaged yacht survey, yacht damage to determine the cause and nature of the cost of removal, repair and monitoring refreshes.
If you want to lay the condition and valuation report surveys arrangement.


Ship hatches and other access to the sealed, stamped, or unsealing the seal breaking and hatch certificate Sealing arrangement.


If you want to install before making measurements in a warehouse, a store will be loaded to the calculation of the maximum amount of cargo.
Measurements were made to install the stack is empty and lost in the volume calculations to be done.
Installed and / or cargo to be loaded for the determination of the sequence factor.


Buyer, seller, P & I club or owners on behalf of international norms, by means of the determination of the amount of cargo.


Liquid cargo in the contamination claims to investigate, coastal and marine tanks coastal and marine shipping lines, coastal and marine cargo pump control of the cargo from the sampling, sample the independent laboratory analysis was conducted in the original railways comparison, if any manipulation of how the detection, cost calculation, no.


Liquid, with a cargo of bulk and packaged in accordance with international rules for sampling and storing in appropriate circumstances.
CONTAINER DAMAGE and condition survey

Determination of damage to container, damage caused to investigate, repair the method for determining the cost of removal and repair.
Condition of containers, rent and lease exit sign survey done.


Rent input and output or the owners or tenants, or in cases of dispute in the ship with fuel oil demand, determination of the amount of disel oil and lub oil, bunker survey of the certificate of arrangement.
Intentional dismantling of ships arriving in disel oil , Lub oil , Cylinder oil , chemicals and other hazardous waste Fuel oil products falling into the status detection and reporting of the ship.
After the ship over land, the ship made in the determination of the status of the products of chemical hazardous waste, land tanks prior to discharge, the dismantling of the land area of the tank, empty tank can be made blank check given certificates
Hazardous chemical waste products in the status of the black tank after evacuation ships in the tank is empty the tank by making blank certificate be given control.
Removal of hazardous waste sites in the chemical status of the black tank after transferring the products to be made by customs officers who kept to oversee the tank is sealed.


Tenants, owners or third party requests access to the ship’s lease, the lease on the current state of the output.

Steel Scrap SURVEY

In determining the quality and amount of scrap, weighing no oversight.

Pollution SEA SURVEY

After the alleged pollution of the sea, the ship’s combat marine pollution control procedures and equipment, to investigate the claims, sampling, and marine pollution in places where the alleged determination of sea state.

Marine Survey

  • Bulk Load Inspection
  • Off-Hire/On-Hire Condition Survey
  • Bunker Quantity Inspection
  • Sealing-Unsealing Inspection
  • Container Inspection (Container Condition Inspection, Container Cleanliness, Loading and Discaharging)
  • Hatch-Cover Leakage Test (Ultrasonic-Hose Test)
  • Stowage Capacity and Filler Cargo Control
  • Hold Cleanliness Control
  • Tally and Weighbridge Inspection
  • Storage Area/Transfer Station of Vehicles Inspection
  • Draught Survey