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About Us



Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade from 2010 with an approved Title Company International Oversight Committee and its activities have continued within the framework of European standards .. Staff structure, with sufficient experience in their field of industry experts and experienced engineers are trained in the formation of companies have created and authorized a 20-person professional staff to serve the industry.

Today, the local A large, though the world of any country’s most accessible will not be the point, even the service network, established, customer satisfaction to reach, however, neutrality brings responsibilities, end bearing, service quality, never-compromise, the world’s few companies with quality in the race as a characteristic has a structure.

International supervision of MP, is a controlled company. The main objective of sectoral basis by tracking customer complaints in the market place every day to strengthen further, to expand the service network to raise quality standards by diversifying.

Our vision

In Turkey, the best in the world to be effective

Our mission

Services,trust, fairness, and today’s technological opportunities and information using the first Turkey to all over the world, our customers’ expectations and market needs in the direction of a standard, transparent, self control, holding the team work with a sense of speed, time and place to present.

Our values

      • Occupational health and safety
      • Experienced, well trained staff and are constantly evolving
      • Team spirit
      • Project-based and customer-centric operation
      • Long-term expectations of our shareholders to be

Mustafa PINAR