Ana Sayfa . Shipping


MP Shipping

MP shipping domestically and abroad, faces all kinds of vessels towing the platform, shots, barges and similar other marine of the means, buy, sell and operate the ship dismantling contracts to participate, the ship dismantling in the fields of all kinds of sea transport and the means rip , remove the materials inside and outside the market to sell all kinds of ship dismantling contracting and engineering services to do, ship dismantling activities regarding ships coming from all kinds of scrap metal, timber, furniture and materials and scrap items to be sold, import, export and marketing issues can operate.

Moreover, MP shipping of its own needs, both at home and abroad , other individuals and organizations for all kinds of sea transportation vehicles, boats , trailers, cargo boat the grocery stores , yachts , barges and other marine vehicles to purchase , sell the building and maintenance to perform , and they needed to common in places yards, garages, workshops, slide and slipway , dry and stable pools set up, this means any supply, equipment, loading and Lombok doing their job and that job requires a sentence industrial undertakings set up, equipment and other sentence material terms and procedural to import these issues , industrial facilities, in person or persons or legal entities or these partnership to operate, all kinds of boats agents, freight brokerage and, bunker dealership, agency and domestic and overseas distribution and the same agency to do the right to have.

MP maritime shipping and international shipping can be done. Other marine means of, belonging to these parts, equipment, materials, bunker and machinery purchase, sell, distribute, export and import trade to foreign trade regime with the allowable goods and services on the import, export and trade to make, maritime and shipping Any move to make commitments in the field, making all kinds of shipping business also has rights.