Ana Sayfa . Kimya


Business areas of chemistry MP;

All kinds of chemical substances , to help all types of chemicals used in production and they denote the raw materials for manufacturing and trade. Especially the chemical industry , including manufacturing , trade and service sectors and final consumption are used in all kinds of dust and old paint , natural , synthetic and mineral paints , primers , silicone and silicone-free matte paint , wood , metal , plastic interior and exterior paints and inks all kinds of chemicals and related products , outsourcing labor to make , make , purchase , sale , importation and exportation , commissions , distribution , marketing and internal trade to make

All kinds of industrial , agricultural and commercial use organic and inorganic chemicals , automotive and industrial oils , resins , paints , thinners and other thinner and glue , chemical catalysts , chemicals and fertilizers for the first and auxiliary elements of production , outsourced labor to make , make , buy and sell , import , export , commission , distribution and marketing to do. Fertilizer manufacture , purchase , sale , wholesale and retail marketing , distributing.

All kinds of cleaning materials, liquids, powders and solid detergent types , petro-chemical products , household and industrial gas production, the contract labor to make, make , purchase , sale , import , export , commissions , distribution and marketing to do.

All kinds of textile chemicals buy , sell , import , export and marketing to Agricultural , food area and other areas used in all kinds of chemicals and drug intake sale , import , export and internal trade to inorganic chemical preparations , precious metals of radioactive elements rare-earth metals and isotopes of organic or inorganic compounds , dyeing extracts , tannins , and derivatives , coloring matter , preparations for paints , varnishes and preparations coloring matter, flying oil and resinoids , perfumery and toilet preparations and cosmetics , chemical industry and other preparations for the reception of the sale , manufacture , import and export , LPG , methane , butane , ammonia , propane , C 4 , ACN cyanide , and other petroleum-derived gas from liquid into gas, gas from the liquid into the plant to build , operate , making the transmission and distribution.

Mentioned process for manufacturing plants, warehouses, pipelines and distribution units to set up, installed facilities to purchase and / or sell, operate, businesses topple to receive and / or transfer to auto producer title, and his own need for electricity to produce the plant to establish and operate sell, assign or transfer to, and referred to in any activities on these issues

LPG , methane , butane , ammonia , propane , C 4 , ACN cyanide , and other petroleum gases and liquid from the gasification , gas from the liquid into the facility to install, set up to and / or to purchase, operate, transfer to and / or transfer of oil derivatives gases and fluids to produce oil produced gas derivatives to transmit, distribute , purchase and / or sell ; petroleum gas liquid from the gas and gas from the liquid becomes the plant’s production transmission , distribution and trade and the next auto producer the capacity and electricity production in the areas of all kinds machine tools , vehicles , ships , equipment, tools and whole outfit to purchase and / or sell them to hire and / or when necessary to rent, operate and / or business supply , installation and the installation to maintenance to do.

Import to export to send transfer and / or transferred to any raw materials as finished goods and finished goods to buy to sell them to transfer or hand to import to export and to this end necessary storage facilities set up to operate and / or business to hire and / or rented when it comes to them purchase and / or sell. Petroleum gases and liquid from the gas phase and gas from the liquid becomes to transmission and distribution and power generation in relation to any engineering, consulting, inspection, survey and feasibility services to produce these services to buy and sell, lease and / or lease and With regard to the activities of domestic and / or international computer software programs and all related equipment, machinery and equipment to sell, buy, rent, lease, import, and export.